Month: December 2015

content management system

Content Management System or Webmaster?

When building a website for your company you’ll need to make a lot of decisions but one of the most important is deciding whether or not to go with a content management system (CMS) or through a webmaster when it comes to building it and running day to day operations.  A content management system is

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conversion pathway

Understanding the Conversion Pathway

When discussing e-commerce the term ‘conversion’ means a visitor to your website has taken an action that you wished them to take.  That action can come in any number of ways including making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, calling your office, requesting a quote, or any number of other possibilities.  Conversion is crucial

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responsive web design

Why Responsive Design Matters

Only a decade ago the only way most people viewed the internet was through the monitor attached to their laptop or desktop PC.  Since then that paradigm has shifted dramatically to devices held in hands such as tablets and, particularly, smartphones.  The first attempts to address the shift were inelegant – mostly involving creation of

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web design trends 2016

New Web Design Trends for 2016

The web has evolved dramatically in the short time it’s been in existence.  Even in the last few years we’ve seen the rise of responsive design, flat design, and even greater integration of animation and video.  2016 promises to be a year where some of what 2015 brought to the table will be given greater

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