Month: November 2015

critical part to email marketing

The Critical Parts of an Email Marketing Program

When deciding the when and the how of an email marketing program there are a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account.  What are you trying to sell?  How often would a client want to hear about your business?  What are you adding to the customer’s experience by sending it out?  These

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building a great email

Building a Great Email

A great marketing email – whether a newsletter, specific promotion, or other – is built with a primary purpose in mind.  That purpose will dictate the kinds of materials you’ll want to include in that email.  If you want to push traffic to your site you go image heavy with strong contextual content and a

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image or text emails

Image-Based Emails vs. Text

There are lot of subtle ways to construct a successful marketing email but in general terms they are nearly always a mix of text and images.  There’s good reason for this as the immediate impact of imagery is often enhanced by the context created by compelling text and vice versa.  Still, there are significant and

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writing good subject line

The Importance of a Solid Subject Line

When it comes to creating a successful business relationship great first impressions are essential.  The ability to take a glance, use that glance to generate interest, and then turn that interest into a sale is a difficult thing to make happen but it can be done.  Emails give you the opportunity to make a first

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