Month: July 2015

How RLFCM Blogs For Your Business So That You Don't Have To!

If you haven’t had time to include blogging as part of your regular process to support your online marketing, don’t worry; you’re not too late. Blogging is like learning how to drive – you generally have time to do it, but it is possible to wait too long to get behind the wheel. Blogging is

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Our SEO Implementation Strategy

Most of us have seen or remember the old days of Bad SEO. Maybe you’d see a bunch of seemingly random words all smushed together somewhere on a website. Or maybe these words would be in the code for the site itself, which wouldn’t mean anything to a site visitor, but all that energy put

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The Four Questions that Come Up in PPC Advertising + Our Approach to Getting Answers

It’s a big deal when you’ve finally landed on your keywords. As a small or medium-sized business, finalizing your keywords means you’re ready to go out into the world of search marketing and optimizing your content. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Once you’ve settled on your keywords, you have to take a serious look

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