Month: May 2015

Client Retention: How Your Online Presence Can Gain You New Customers And Keep Them Loyal!

Your online presence should guide your leads from being ‘unknowns’ to committed customers. Every piece of content you create and publish has the potential to either gain you new customers, or keep the current customers you have loyal. In other words, your online presence can help you make more money. When building and maintaining your

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Online Marketing 2015: How Videos are Changing EVERYTHING

Ask any expert in online marketing, and they’ll tell you that video is essential for even the most basic strategy. Over the last few years, video and visual content have popped up everywhere. The rise of micro video, and micro video platforms, is a major indicator of the impact visual content can have. Vine, Snapchat,

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What Your Small Business Can Do To Get Noticed Online

Competition for share of voice online is fierce. Small business owners looking to get noticed have to battle with not just direct competitors, but everyone else who’s pushing their latest video, yelling on message boards and posting by-the-minute pictures and links on social media. And all while actually handling their business. For most small business

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Why And How You Should Be Your Authentic Self Online

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Regardless of how you feel about this over-shared Oscar Wilde quote, it holds some truth when it comes to how you should interact online. Meaning, you just be yourself. Society is obsessed with ‘how things are done’ and ‘who’s doing it best’. And it’s great to see great

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