Month: April 2015

Why Mobile Optimization Isn’t An Option in 2015

Next time you’re on the bus, in line for coffee or at the movies, take a look at what the people around you are doing. Chances are, at least half (if not more) of the people you glance at will be on a smartphone or mobile device of some sort. And if you’ve taken a

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The Secrets Behind Google’s ENORMOUS Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Quick: go here and type in the address for your website. If you weren’t sure about whether or not you should make your site responsive, let this help solve the mystery. In April, Google plans to make some major changes to the algorithm it uses to rank sites on mobile devices. Members of Google’s Webmaster

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Where Do You Put Your Videos? Facebook or YouTube?

You did the research, planned out the script, got your act(ors) together and waited patiently for the final cut. Maybe it’s the first in a series, or just a one-off video that started from a stroke of inspirational genius. Either way, after you’ve put in the work to create a video, you want it seen

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The Best Online Marketing Tactics That Drive Sales

There’s one big thing that gets in the way of you making more sales through online marketing: your potential clients, those people who could buy your products and fit your buyer profile? Not all of them know who you are. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as there are people out there who

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