2015 Website Trends: How You Can Prepare Your Website For A New Look in 2015

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If you are considering updating your website to make it more user friendly, increase your search engine ranking or make it more accessible for your customers, it’s the perfect time to consider including some 2015 website trends that we have been watching. All of them will definitely make the online experience more effective for Internet users, even though your customer base may seem resistant to the idea of your business changing the look of the site at first.
Rather than deciding to add an entire shopping list of changes to your site at the same time to make your site compatible with users who will be accessing it through wearable devices, smart televisions and even appliances, as well as desktop and laptop computers, make a plan to make your changes over time. Your visitors won’t feel as overwhelmed that way, and you can try different concepts to see how well they are received by your market.
2015 Website Trends

  • Type Will Play a Larger Role

Internet users still want to get their information in bite-sized chunks. You’ll see type and fonts being used in larger sizes to get it across to users quickly.

  • Web Design Across More Platforms Will be the Norm

It won’t be enough to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly; your designed will also have to take steps to ensure that it works across other platforms, too. A watch won’t be able to use the same graphics as a smartphone or a television. Meeting these challenges head on will get your message in front of more potential buyers, more quickly.

  • Images will Be Bigger

Get ready for your website to showing and telling visitors your message. Images will be used for backgrounds with the text floating on top more often. Play them off each other to make an impact on your customers.

  • Infographics Organize Big Chunks of Information

Do you want to get facts and figures across in a more interesting way than a chart? When infographics are used, the user tends to remember what he or she has read. If you want to be remembered, this is the modern strategy to display on your website in 2015.
ReferLinks Full Circle Marketing’s web design team can create a site that will reflect your vision for your business. Claim your unique space online and contact us to discuss a new site or how we can upgrade your existing one.

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