Month: September 2014

SEO 101: How to Pinpoint the Exact Keywords That Will Pay Off For Your Business

The keywords a company uses within their SEO campaigns will determine the level of visibility their brand achieves within their online marketing. Effective keyword selection drives SEO results. This means that companies should focus on which keywords they are using and how these keywords can deliver the required returns.  In this blog, we’ll outline how

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The Points You MUST Hit When Writing An ‘About Page’ For Your Website

After the home page, it’s usually the first page visitors go to when reviewing a company’s website. The “about us” page is the user’s introduction to the company. It’s the company’s one and only chance to make a first impression. What does your company’s “about us” page say to prospective customers? Let’s look at three

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How To Ensure Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign Is A Success

Pay-Per-Click advertising is considered one of the leading methods for growing companies to bring online visibility to their business. The exposure driven by effective Pay-Per-Click campaigns can reap long-term rewards for forward-thinking organizations. But first, it’s important that the foundations for success are in-place. Here, we’ll review a few of the factors that support Pay-Per-Click

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The Power of a Viral Sensation: How The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Changing The Definition of ‘Going Viral’

Those who spend large parts of their days online will have likely noticed the numerous stories across the web on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s become a viral sensation to rival the Gangnam Style sensation of 2012. Everyone, including athletes, movie stars and regular every day folks is getting involved by having ice poured

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What is Pay Per Click Marketing and How Does it Work to Generate New Business Leads

Do you know what pay per click marketing is? In case you aren’t too familiar with this internet advertising model, this article will be able to provide you with the information that you need. Pay per click marketing is typically used to help direct traffic to certain websites. Every time one of these online advertisements

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