Month: August 2014

How To Effectively Convert Prospects into Sales with Email Marketing

The reason why many successful companies use email marketing campaigns is due to the many benefits of this strategy. Email marketing can help you increase client engagement, brand recognition, and even online and offline sales. Many online browsers (and potential customers) tend to visit a website for under a minute before deciding to check out other

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Why Video Marketing Is A Force To Be Reckoned With In The Online Marketing World

In the online marketing world, there are many viable options that you can use to reach potential customers. Through custom websites, premium SEO content, social media, and email marketing, there is a large online audience that can learn about your products and services. However, with online giants like YouTube having over 1 billion unique users

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25 Social Media Facts That Will BLOW Your Mind!

Have you always wanted to know a bit more about social media? Do you find yourself relying on social media both at the office and at your home? This article contains 25 intriguing social media facts that will both enlighten and entertain you. Feel free to scroll down below to learn about these interesting social

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Flat Design, Responsive Design, And Other Web Trends For 2014

In order to stay ahead of the curve in the online world, it’s crucial to learn about the latest web trends that are developing. This is exceptionally true for businesses- to adequately compete with other companies in your industry, you need to be informed of the newest trends that are being established online. At this

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