Month: February 2014

Using Blogging to Boost Company Sales and Connect with Your Customers

Your company blog is a completely separate entity from your website. Whereas your website is likely more formal and business like in tone, your blog is going to be more personal in nature. Picture a place where you and your customers can sit down and have more of a conversation. Using Blogging to Boost Company

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Reasons Why to Consider Video Marketing in 2014

Your own videos are marketing tools that you can use to communicate with current and prospective customers in unique ways. Although this medium will not replace your website for providing information about your business, it can be used to enhance your online presence to make it more effective. Here are some reasons to consider video

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What Google's Latest Update Means for Your SEO Strategy

Google’s latest update, Hummingbird, is different from Panda and Penguin, its past ones. Whereas the latter two only affected a minority (between 2-5 percent) of search queries, Hummingbird is having an impact on the majority of queries has changed the way that the search engine processes requests from users. It all comes down to the

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2014 Online Marketing—The CRITICAL Importance of Mobile SEO

When it comes to 2014 online marketing, you already know that mobile SEO is important…or you wouldn’t have found this page. This year, there is no getting around mobile SEO. It’s here, it’s mobile—get used to it. We know, we know…”great…but how?”. 2014 Online Marketing—Why Mobile SEO is Important and How to Leverage It We

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