What 2014 Will Mean for Content Marketing

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Content marketing in 2014 will, as it has for the last decade, continue to grow and evolve. To help you grow and evolve with it—and stay ahead of your competition, we’ve put together some tips to  keep your content marketing up-to-date.
What 2014 Will Mean for Content Marketing
There are a number of elements to staying on the cutting-edge of content marketing:

  1. The Continual Evolution of (Mobile) SEO
    SEO has been evolving since the invention of well, Google. This year’s 2014 content marketing will be no different. In SEO we’ll see increased competition for not only the same keywords, but new ones. Long-tail and question-based keywords have a renewed  significance thanks to the emergence of mobile SEO.
  2. The Rise of Quality
    Creating a blog and filling it with…well…filler—doesn’t cut it anymore. You need quality content. Content that is well-written, clever, tangible and well-formatted. Not only should you do this for your readers, but also for Google. Google’s continuing efforts towards semantic search means stuffing fluff with keywords won’t help you…or your reader.
  3. Further Social Integration
    Content isn’t stand-alone, SEO-building content anymore. It is social. So, build on your content marketing strategy with social integration—especially Google+. Google+ may not have a strong hold yet—but Google is bound to force it down our throats eventually, so you might as well get ahead of the curve.
  4. Greater Scale
    Content marketing used to be an edge, but it has become common place. This ‘common place’ has raised the bar. Companies now have to increase their efforts by both doing more content marketing—and smarter. This means operating in larger volumes than your competitors and smarter SEO optimization.
  5. Promotion
    With the amount of both new and residual content out there, getting readers will be harder than ever with content marketing in 2014. This means you’ll need to put in renewed effort this year to get your content heard. So—put the ‘marketing’ back in content marketing by reinforcing your content with social posts, tie your offline with your online and by guest blogging on like-minded blogs.
  6. Formatting
    We’ve always touted the importance of formatting your content for easy reading, but with the explosion of mobile users formatting has never been more critical.
  7. Retarget
    Almost none of your readers will actually convert on their first visit, so be sure to retarget with Google Tagging and AdWords ads. This will ensure that those who read your content see your brand again and have a second opportunity to act on it.  Retargeting offers them the opportunity to have their ‘oh ya—I forgot to get back to that company/product again’ moment.

If all the above sounds like more than you can handle this year—never fear, ReferLinks is here. We’ll help you supercharge your content marketing in 2014…just give us a call.

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