2014 Online Marketing—The CRITICAL Importance of Mobile SEO

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When it comes to 2014 online marketing, you already know that mobile SEO is important…or you wouldn’t have found this page. This year, there is no getting around mobile SEO. It’s here, it’s mobile—get used to it. We know, we know…”great…but how?”.
2014 Online Marketing—Why Mobile SEO is Important and How to Leverage It
We won’t go over the 4 billion+ smartphones in circulation or how connected we’ve all become, because you know that already. What we will say is that searching on a mobile device is different then searching on a computer. There are a number of reasons why mobile search—and therefore mobile SEO—is different:
1. Voice Search
Many people search using Siri or another voice-activated search function. This leads to more colloquial-based searches using questions and long-tail keywords.
2. Specifics
While people use their phones to look up everything—they tend to search specific concepts as opposed to just ‘browsing around’.
3. Copy n Paste
Typing on phones is cumbersome, hence why people copy and paste what they want to search. This also leads to more specific searches, long-tail keyword searches and other long searches.
Understanding the above is half the equation. The other half is you preparing your website, SEO and content marketing for the mobile world. To prepare yourself for the mobile world, you need to optimize for/with the following:

  • Optimize your website with longer keywords and questions.
  • Create easily-scannable content for your mobile viewers to quickly scroll through.
  • Your website needs to be responsive or otherwise mobile-optimized.
  • Put your best content at the top of the page.
  • Use quickly-loading images, with alt text for those who have disabled images.
  • Analyze your mobile traffic to find out where your weaknesses are.
  • Focus on the mobile user ‘experience’.
  • Write conversationally, to match their conversational mobile search.

So, we’ve told you why mobile SEO is important in 2014 online marketing, and how to leverage this trend yourself. The only left is to ensure that you have a rockstar, mobile-friendly website. For that—simply call ReferLinks.

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