Month: December 2013

Social Media Marketing: 4 Expert Tips to Give your Social Media Marketing a Boost

Social media marketing is hard. Period. We know how hard social media marketing is—we do it daily. Driving engagement, social-based branding and fostering customer conversion and relationships is extremely difficult to begin with, and it doesn’t get any easier as you catch the social-media-marketing malaise that affects small businesses. That was the bad news. The

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Email Marketing: Building vs. Buying Email Lists

Buying an email marketing list is like outsourcing your sales to a third-world country—seemingly cost effective, but with low returns built on brand-damaging service. While many people call buying email marketing lists ‘evil’ (and in a sense they can be right), there is a time and a place for everything—including opting to not build your

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Custom Websites: 5 Reasons You Should Choose Custom over DIY

Comparing custom websites with the new trend of DIY website creation is like comparing Japanese Sekai-ichi Apples (about $21 a piece) and grocery-store oranges. When it comes to your website—you really do get what you pay for, especially with low-cost (or free) DIY website builders. While DIY websites are fine for community groups, mommy blogs

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Content Marketing: Homepage ROI–Why you Need Professional Copy Writing

Content marketing is huge business. Just look at any large corporation’s website and you’ll see carefully-crafted content (coupled with custom web design of course) that guides users through their website, and then converts visitors to customers. Carefully-crafted content isn’t just for large corporations with million-dollar marketing departments though, even small businesses can purchase great content

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The 7 Benefits of Custom Websites vs. Theme-Based Websites

These days there are tens of thousands of website themes available to small businesses—but are they worth the tiny up-front investment they charge? The debate between custom websites vs theme-based websites has never been more contentious, especially as website themes become stronger and stronger. But—are they strong enough to truly compete with custom websites? As

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