Month: November 2013

2014 Online Marketing Predictions

While we here at ReferLinks gear up for the new year, and the exciting trends it brings—which we’ve surmised from 2014 online marketing predictions—we thought we’d ensure that all our clients who follow our blog are also geared up for online marketing in 2014. Consider this an early-bird-gets-the-worm bonus for following our blog! Our 2014

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The 2 Critical Elements of a Successful Mobile Strategy

You’ve likely heard about the importance of a successful mobile strategy in today’s increasingly-connected and extensively-online world. Great. But, now what? Launching—or perfecting—a successful mobile strategy isn’t rocket science, so long as you boil it down to its two primary principles: a mobile website and mobile SEO. The 2 Primary Principles of a Successful Mobile

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New Google+ Header: Launch of New Google+ Header November 14th, 2013

Remember, back in March, when we logged into our Google+ profiles and we were greeted with the Titanic-sized Google+ Headers? Well, after a few months of getting used to them, and to be honest, growing quite fond of the different online marketing tactics that were made possible through these headers, Google+ has changed them again!

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12 Reasons your Business Needs an Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a (relatively) new medium-shattering method of conveying what your company is all about. Why any business wouldn’t want to leverage this convenient new customer-educating, word-spreading medium is beyond us—but, just in case you need just a little convincing, we’ve got a few more reasons… 12 Reasons your Business Needs and Explainer Video

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Custom Websites vs Template Websites—and the Difference they Make to your Business

Custom websites vs template websites is like comparing a naturally-raised beef burger from Chef Cory Vitiello, of Toronto’s famed eating institution The Harbord Room against a McDonald’s cheeseburger (that’s been sitting under the heat lamp for 20 minutes). Obviously, there is no comparison. Of course, some people are perfectly happy with a McD’s cheeseburger—until they

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