Month: August 2013

How to generate more traffic to your website through social media marketing

Social Media Marketing has been touted as the latest online-marketing revolution—but few companies know how to generate more traffic to their website through Social Media Marketing campaign. Why is this? Simple: it’s hard. Simply creating a Facebook or Twitter page and putting up some posts isn’t enough to lead to website traffic, or conversions. When

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How an e-mail opt in can optimize your newsletter list

If you’ve ever wondered how an e-mail opt-in can optimize your newsletter list consider this: email opt-ins are to newsletter lists as Facebook is to social circles. That is to say that they support everything you’re already doing but improve the process by extending your overall reach. How an E-mail Opt-in Can Optimize your Newsletter

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How a dynamic web design can change the entire presentation of your website

We’ve shown countless clients exactly how a dynamic web design can change the entire presentation of their website—and we plan on showing everyone else too. A dynamic web design in today’s current Web 2.0-upgrading environment is like bringing a gun to a knife fight—simply more effective. And now is the time to go dynamic. Dynamic

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The New Gmail Inbox and How it Affects Email Marketing

Whenever Google makes a change online marketers everywhere begin to panic. What does it mean? How will it affect me? Well—they’ve done it again. This time with their new Gmail inbox. And it does indeed affect email marketing and email marketers in a vital way—after all, they have over 425million active users. The New Gmail

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