Month: May 2013

The benefits of Link building for your website

Once you’ve had an online presence designed and put in place, there are a few techniques you need to know about to get the exposure you’ll need to make a success of things. The benefits of link building for your website can’t be overlooked. This is one of the methods that creates a cyber spider

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Here's why keywords give you more exposure online

Having a website today is as important as business cards were just a short time ago, but there are some marked differences why keywords give you more exposure online. Following are just a few reasons why any serious Internet based business needs to look at keywords as a fundamental web building block. Keywords: are the

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Here's some tips for blogging for your audience – not for yourself

There’s really no way around it, writing is all about self expression. That’s why when you hear that blogging for your audience and not for yourself is the way to capture readers and sales as the case may be, the advice doesn’t seem to make sense. However, although you need to develop a strong voice

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Here's a few solid reasons why you need SEO content on your website

The world of ecommerce is lucrative. However, you need to play by a new set of rules if you’re making the transition from a brick and mortar store and that means you’ll need to understand the importance of having SEO content on your website. Here’s a few solid reasons why: SEO content is cheap and

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