Month: March 2013

Using analytics to your advantage

Putting together a business online can be a daunting experience and one that’s full of many pratfalls unless you know all about using analytics to your advantage.  It’s important to know how your marketing techniques are working and have useful statistics about the people that are visiting your website. One of the most important statistics

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Let Videos Do The Talking

Here’s a few good suggestions when you’re looking to let videos do the talking. Once you start looking at all the different options when it comes to online marketing, you’ll see the choices can be overwhelming. However, when you’ve narrowed down the selection and have decided to let videos do the talking, a few tips can

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Why You Should Create A Yearly Marketing Plan

Why you should create a yearly marketing plan With all the choices on the Internet it’s easy to jump right in and start using the first online marketing techniques presented to you, but there are some very good reasons why you should create a yearly marketing plan.  Having a business in cyberspace can be hectic, so you

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Creating An Effective Social Media Strategy

Here’s three words for creating an effective social media strategy. When you talk to anyone that’s making a success of Internet related businesses these days, they’ll tell you one of the things they needed to focus on was creating an effective social media strategy. No one that’s working online will dismiss the importance of using tools like

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