The 2 Critical Elements of a Successful Mobile Strategy

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You’ve likely heard about the importance of a successful mobile strategy in today’s increasingly-connected and extensively-online world. Great. But, now what?
Launching—or perfecting—a successful mobile strategy isn’t rocket science, so long as you boil it down to its two primary principles: a mobile website and mobile SEO.

The 2 Primary Principles of a Successful Mobile Strategy

If you can nail these two principles, you will have a successful, high-level mobile strategy for your business (although there will be optional future ‘tweaking’ options available):
1. Mobile Site
Given the prevalence of searches these days being performed on smartphones (1 in 5—and quickly growing) it isn’t surprising that the core focus of a mobile strategy would be to have a mobile-enabled and mobile-optimized website. Heck, mobile is right in the name of the strategy. To have an effective mobile site it should, ideally, leverage a responsive design that adjusts to the screen size of any devices that reads it. But responsive design is only the tip of the iceberg. You also need to ensure you have easily-loadable image and video, ensure any video is mobile-enabled, check that you don’t have any faulty redirects or smartphone 404s, remove irrelevant cross-linking that creates needless clicks (which raises your ‘bounce rate’)–and ensure your homepage loads at warp speed. You also need a well thought-out design that offers people the information they are looking for within three clicks of any screen. To increase conversions you will also want bonus features like click-to-call or click-to-text.
2. Mobile SEO
Now that you have a rockstar-quality mobile website—people need to be able to find it, which is achieved by mobile-oriented SEO and through improved user experiences (which earns you brownie points from Google). Your first step is to register yourself with Google Places, so that Google knows you’re hyper local. Next you need to use your Google Analytics account to measure your overall mobile success (or lack thereof) and figure out where you’re losing opportunities. The most common offender is nasty redirects and load time. Finally, you’ll need to boost your mobile-share percentage by brainstorming new niche- and mobile-specific keywords.
Not sure how exactly you’re going to accomplish this? Well, here is the great news—it couldn’t be easier. You just call us here at ReferLinks, then you let us work our magic. Before we get started we’ll show you some examples of what we’ve done for companies just like yours’ mobile strategies.

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