12 Reasons your Business Needs an Explainer Video

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Explainer videos are a (relatively) new medium-shattering method of conveying what your company is all about. Why any business wouldn’t want to leverage this convenient new customer-educating, word-spreading medium is beyond us—but, just in case you need just a little convincing, we’ve got a few more reasons…
12 Reasons your Business Needs and Explainer Video
1. To Cheat SEO: Whether or not your SEO is top-calibre—it can always use a boost. Posting a video with proper tags on YouTube is an easy cheat to skip to the top of Google’s search results, as they display YouTube videos near the top of many of their search results. Go ahead, skip the line.
2. To Boost…Everything: Video can boost your SEO, email marketing and conversion rates.
3. Memorability: Companies with explainer videos are more memorable than ones you aren’t. Questioning that? Go to two websites: one with a vid and one without—then the next day write down what you remember about each. You’ll see.
4. Because you CAN: Up until a few years ago video was reserved for million-dollar corporations buying up expensive TV spots. Now you can do it too—so why not?
5. The 6-Billion-Dollar Point: YouTube viewers watch over 6 BILLION hours of video a month, and while some of them are giggling-baby videos—there is plenty of room for your business.
6. The Fix your Bounce-Rate Problem: How did we know you have a bounce-rate problem? That’s because we ALL have bounce-rate problems. Video captures attention better and holds visitors attention…for at least a few seconds longer.
7. The Face Factor: You can’t get in front of everyone and give them your elevator pitch on why you’re the best plumber to ever snake a drain—so let video do it for you. It will put you, virtually, in front of exponentially more (virtual) faces.
8. Product Info: Have you ever had a problem explaining what a product does succinctly? If yes, video is your answer—it conveys, super-quick, what your products do.
9. It Benefits EVERYthing: Are explainer videos for sales? Marketing? PR? HR? Yup. It works for all the above.
10. We’re Lazy: Let’s face it—we’re becoming, increasingly lazy—a generation of microwave kids. Our attention span for large blocks of text is withering every day. Video might perpetuate the problem—but, it can give your business an edge.
11. SEO: Ignoring tip #1 to cheat SEO, Google ‘gets’ the importance of video in terms of SEO. After all, they better—they own YouTube.
12. Information Retention: People are visual. We remember—50% better—by video than by text alone.
Ready to take the plunge into video? We can point you in the right direction so give the pros here at ReferLinks a call today.

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