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How Human is Your Brand?

We are all humans. Whether we like it or not, we are driven by our feelings or emotions most of the time. And even if we want to argue that we make decisions rationally, we know that’s not entirely true. That’s all right. Again, we are only humans. Even when we are consumers looking to … Read More

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Short or Long – What’s Better for Your Digital Video?

Last year, brand interest in super short and long form digital videos soared. And this duality is highly likely to stay strong in the coming months as marketers continue to focus on catching the attention of prospective customers online. Traditional 30-second advertisements are still going to be around, but we are going to see lots … Read More

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Does Your Marketing Strategy Need Spring Cleaning?

When was the last time you made changes in your marketing strategy? If you can’t recall, then it’s probably way too long ago. You see, the behaviour of your consumers change as time passes and so do your competitors’ strategies. On top of that, digital marketing platforms also constantly change. From that alone, you can … Read More

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Why You Should Start a Chiropractic Blog

“I am a chiropractor. Why should I blog? This is not even a hobby I enjoy.” If you still haven’t tried blogging on your website, you are probably having this thought. But blogging has, in fact, come a long way from being just a “hobby” that creative people enjoyed years back. Now, blogging is recognized … Read More