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Desk with Social Media and Connection Concept

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

So you have a website. It may be up and running for a few years now or you may just have recently launched it. What should your next step be? Show it off, of course! Naturally, you’d want people to visit your site, but you don’t want just anyone. It is crucial that you get … Read More

Photo of business hands holding blackboard and writing PAY PER CLICK concept

Practical Reasons to Do Pay-Per-Click

Are you a little hesitant about trying pay-per-click marketing? Do you want to be sure that your investments are always worth your money and time?   Digital marketing is thriving right now and every business is trying its best to stand out and be noticed by prospective customers online. It is critical to be leading … Read More

Close up Two hand holding mobile phone with Video marketing word and icons, Online Digital Marketing concept.

Should You Focus on Video Marketing?

Just last year we saw how video skyrocketed as a favourite content marketing format. Marketers are adeptly responding to the shorter attention spans of their audiences by creating content that is more visual and more interactive than ever… and it’s working. It’s working really well, actually.   Video is quickly taking over as the biggest … Read More

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Find the Best Promotion Opportunities

Do you exert effort in promoting your content? No? Well, you should know that neglecting to promote your content is almost as good as having none at all.   Did you know that there are over 2 billion netizens out there creating “gazilliobytes” of data? Just on Facebook alone, we see about 2. 46 million … Read More