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Google Loves Social Media

How Google and Social Media Work Together

The bottom line is this: everything an internet marketing firm does is about driving traffic.  Driving traffic to your website.  Driving traffic to your Facebook page or your Twitter feed.  Driving traffic to your name, your brand, and your business.  The biggest way to do that remains search – and the biggest player in search … Read More

Custom Social Media Graphics

Why Professionally Designed Social Media Graphics are Important

Social media evolves quickly, as what’s popular one second becomes forgotten the next, and then revived months later.  When marketing your business you need to be able to cut through the noise and create a framework through which you can not only reach potential clients but turn them into paying ones and burnish your brand … Read More

Facebook Advertising

How and Why Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook is the behemoth that still stands at the top of the social media mountain.  Whenever social media is discussed Facebook is the first name uttered.  It’s for good reason.  Facebook has the most users, the largest mainstream appeal, and is easily the most profitable of any of the powerhouses of social media.  It has … Read More