Monthly Archives: March 2015

Facebook’s New Restrictions: Is Your Content Safe?

Facebook started 2015 by making major changes to the types of content it would allow on News Feeds. At first, many businesses went into panic mode trying to figure out how the changes would affect them and their bottom line. But the world’s biggest social media platform wasn’t trying to make life harder for companies … Read More

Facebook’s new ‘Friends’ ads unleashed on Canadians in Toronto and Vancouver

At 11 years old, we’re watching Facebook do something that’s familiar: changing. But this time it’s not your profile and privacy settings that are being updated. For about a week now, the company’s new ‘Friends’ ads have been playing and posted in and around Toronto and Vancouver. As the Toronto Star points out, these ads … Read More

Video Marketing: Optimizing for the Best ROI

Videos are an essential part of a successful content marketing program. Done in the right way, videos can help build awareness in your key audience, help them understand your business better, or make a decision about your products. Here are a few essential steps to help make your video marketing plan a success: RESEARCH Look … Read More