Monthly Archives: November 2013

The 2 Critical Elements of a Successful Mobile Strategy

You’ve likely heard about the importance of a successful mobile strategy in today’s increasingly-connected and extensively-online world. Great. But, now what? Launching—or perfecting—a successful mobile strategy isn’t rocket science, so long as you boil it down to its two primary principles: a mobile website and mobile SEO. The 2 Primary Principles of a Successful Mobile … Read More

New Google+ Header: Launch of New Google+ Header November 14th, 2013

Remember, back in March, when we logged into our Google+ profiles and we were greeted with the Titanic-sized Google+ Headers? Well, after a few months of getting used to them, and to be honest, growing quite fond of the different online marketing tactics that were made possible through these headers, Google+ has changed them again! … Read More

12 Reasons your Business Needs an Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a (relatively) new medium-shattering method of conveying what your company is all about. Why any business wouldn’t want to leverage this convenient new customer-educating, word-spreading medium is beyond us—but, just in case you need just a little convincing, we’ve got a few more reasons… 12 Reasons your Business Needs and Explainer Video … Read More