Monthly Archives: October 2013

5 Benefits of Using Professional Blog Management

Using professional blog management is a shrew business decision—after all, why not leave blogging to the pros. Pros who know how to write professionally, monitor your activity, analyze your feedback, integrate with your social media efforts and boost your overall SEO. How many hours would it take you to learn—then implement—all of that? The skills … Read More

7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

If you’re currently doing email marketing— – kudos! Rock-on with your email marketing, and we wish you the absolute best of luck. To keep you in kind graces with clients, use this list of 7 common email marketing mistakes (that could be hurting your business) as a what-not-to-do checklist of things to avoid like the … Read More

Tips on How to Optimize your Email Campaign

Email marketing is like the James Woods of small-business marketing (did you know he has an IQ of 180—that’s 20 points higher than Stephen Hawking). But, email marketing is only super-smart when done correctly, which means optimizing the heck out of your campaign through drilled-down metrics and high-level advice. But—how to optimize your email campaign … Read More

Things that can Actually Hinder your SEO

SEO is all about building your online presence, building your brand and getting noticed—but SEO isn’t all raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, SEO has a dark side. There are elements of SEO that can hinder your success and undo the goodwill you’ve created with Google over the years. To help you sort through … Read More