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Content Marketing is Still Important – Here’s Why

Content marketing trends are perpetually changing. Aside from the actual changes in the digital realm, the way content is generated is also transforming.  With millions of websites out there providing content, readers are now afforded the luxury of filtering information and choosing whichever they deem useful and engaging. Not too long ago, SEO and content … Read More

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Add Value to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

It is a long-known fact that email marketing is among the most powerful tools that are available to marketers. For most business owners and marketers, the question is no longer how you can use email to your business’ advantage, but how you can take this great channel to another level. There are ways to create … Read More

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5 Solutions to Reinvent Your Blog

You’re having coffee one morning when a brilliant idea hits you. What do you do about it? You hurriedly write a blog and publish it as soon as it is done. Now you just wait for it to get those likes, comment, and shares, which will surely come – only they don’t. Is this scenario … Read More

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

So you have a website. It may be up and running for a few years now or you may just have recently launched it. What should your next step be? Show it off, of course! Naturally, you’d want people to visit your site, but you don’t want just anyone. It is crucial that you get … Read More